The Tannery and Pottery – Fes


The Tannery and Pottery – Fes

Second last stop of the Moroccan leg of our trip, Fes. We departed from Mezouga, our desert camp, drove nine hours to get to Fes, Morocco’s culture capital. To be honest, that nine hours drive wasn’t easy. Climbing through mid atlas with only one or two stops made me just a little nauseous!! But, we got there in the end.

We spent three nights there staying at Riad Tizwa at the roof top with lots of natural light and space! We loved the hospitality from the staff and the mint tea but one thing we weren’t sure was when we were outside the medina waiting to be picked up to the riad, someone who wore an off white t-shirt, tracksuit pants and a pair of well worn Adidas slippers came to greet us. We did hesitate a little before letting them take our luggages away. Turned out he was the house keeper of the riad and he was just the loveliest and the most helpful guy!!






We toured the medina, ate at some amazing restaurants near the blue gate (start of the medina), bought some copper ware, took a day trip out to the pottery factory and just really enjoyed our times!!

We booked a tour guide for the first day so we get to know the medina. The guide took us somewhere, we climbed up some steep staircases and were given some fresh mint. We thought he must be taking us to buy some mint tea leaves to bring home. As we got to the top, this strong smell of… a mixture of dead animal, bird poo and who knows what just rushed into my nose!! Then I know what the mint is for!! We arrived the tannery! It’s just an eye opener to see but at the same time I felt very sad that people are working in such condition, breathing in dye and chemicals everyday, smelling the smell everyday, it’s just not pleasant!!



This is the Megana, a water clock which no longer works and no one alive today knows how to fix it. Our tour guide told us the story goes that a local man damaged it because the noise from the clock supposedly caused distress to his wife who had a miscarriage.





ding ding ding ding…. when you get to the metalware square of the medina, all you hear is artisans banging away. I bought home a little copper pot and a mug too!! It’s a food prop heaven. Mind you, things are not cheap over there, or I just suck at bargaining 🙁



Local herb store, for tourists!! We bought some over priced edible and cosmetic argan oil.


Craftsmanship – mosaic and pottery

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