Smoky Spanish Hot Chocolate with charred Marshmellows

smoky hot chocolate

Smoky Spanish Hot Chocolate with charred Marshmellows

I just realised my last published post was back in 25th April… oppz! I do have a few post drafted that I didn’t have time to finish. But I am quite excited about this one because it’s an experiment I wanted to try for a while.

Late last year I bought a smoking gun at a real bargain price. I haven’t been using it much until recently. I went to the Gault & Millau trade show and found out the smoking gun has been improved and remade by Breville. The gentleman was telling me about the features and since I have been itching to take it out for a play.

Inspired by Mork Chocolate, I made my own this afternoon. I mean what’s better than sipping on hot chocolate in this horrendous wet and cold weather?

Also last Christmas, I was given some Simon Coll 60% Cacao Y Canela and they are so thick and yummy!

I loaded up the smoking gun with some applewood wood chips (from Chef Hat, South Melbourne) and did a test run. I totally forgot to open the window and door, before I knew the house smelt a bit like bush fire!! So make sure you do that before smoking anything.

smoky hot chocolate

smoky hot chocolate

Preparing the hot chocolate

In a Riess milk pot, I heated up 250ml Bonsoy and a block (25g) of chocolate. Using a whisk to make sure chocolate is all melted as you heat up the milk. Leave it aside once done.

Charred marshmallows

You need two white marshmallows. One at a time, use a skewer to hold a marshmallow and patiently toast over low heat. Two very crucial things to remember here. Firstly, toast marshmallow sideways rather then vertically otherwise the marshmallow can fall out of the skewer when hot. Secondly, constantly turning the marshmallow so it doesn’t get burnt and catch on fire. I’ve burnt a few before…

Smoky glass

Turn the glass upside down with the tube inside the glass, turn on the smoking gun and light up the wood chips. Let the smoke get into the glass and take out the tube. Make sure you have your windows and doors open, and watch that smoke alarm!!

Putting it together

When you are ready, turn the glass right side up, pour in hot chocolate and drop in the marshmallows, enjoy!!!

I must admit this is not what I will do every time but it was quite fun for photo sake, feel so fancy!!

charred marshmallow

smoky hot chocolate

smoky hot chocolate
charred marshmallow hot chocolate