Alice Nivens, Port Philip Arcade


Alice Nivens, Port Philip Arcade

I am a sucker for colourful things, even better if they are edible. I also admire people who can bake because I am not a very good baker. When I came across Janet Tan from Alice Nivens through Instagram, straight away I know I’ll get along with this girl so I reached out and asked for a play date in her cafe.

So here I was, at Alice Nivens in Port Philip Arcade in the CBD one Friday. Janet and I talked about life, business struggles and food. She prepared a huge chocolate and caramel cake for the shoot while I help myself around the cafe taking pictures.

My first impression of the cafe is happiness and adventurous, just like Alice in the Wonderland. Colourful decor, upside down teacup lights, rabbit plates and red and white napkins… it makes people happy when you walk in.

I think this girl is totally cool and talented! Like many entrepreneurs, you follow your dream and create your own reality.  I can imagine running a cafe is incredibly hard but her passion shines through every single touch in her cafe and in every piece of cake.

Janet, thank you so much for letting me come into your creative space and for the lovely chat. Sadly Alice Nivens will no longer be there anymore when Melbourne Metro Rail Project commences. But I am certain that whatever happens, Janet and Alice Nivens will find their way 🙂

Alice Nivens 13/228-236 Flinders St, Melbourne VIC 3000

One of Janet’s many creations


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